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Chuou Building Service Co., Ltd. is the motto "to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers." Over the years, we have been deploying services around the building comprehensive management business.
     As a trigger privacy mark acquisition, further thorough Introduction to information management personal information, we will aim to be a company who can leave your work and trust from everyone.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy
For efforts to Privacy
We have to expand the business around the comprehensive management of the building, your personal information to be acquired by its activities, and personal information of employees is a very important asset, under the philosophy of individual personality respect we are recognized as one that should especially be carefully handled. Accordingly, our that regard the handling of personal information to build and compliance with the Personal Information Protection manage- ment system, and handling carefully as follows, we will strive to protect personal information.
1.Acquisition of personal information 
   For business activities, if you want to get your personal information and our employees is to identify the purpose of personal information, in the consent, will be obtained by lawful and fair means. Purpose of use of personal information held by the Company are as follows. 
(1)Personal information entrusted: house cleaning, for carrying out the general cleaning services, etc.
(2)Personal information is obtained by application from the telephone and the Internet: house cleaning, for carrying out the general cleaning services such as
(3)Personal information to be obtained from the telephone and on the InternetTo respond to the query
(4)Personal information to be obtained from applicants for employmentFor the adoption business such as employees
(5)Personal information to get customers, from suppliers of personnelContact on the business, because of the guide
(6)Personal information to get from employeesPersonnel Management of employees,Labor management,Safety management, etc. 
 2.Use of personal information 
   Only utilized to the extent necessary to achieve the identified purpose, we will not to place out-of-target utilization. When changing the purpose, it was decided to obtain a pre-notification to agree to the person in question to take measures because of not performed out-of-target utilization.            
3.Provision of personal information
   With the exception of the following cases, do not do that to provide the personal information you provide to a third party.
(1)If there is consent.
(2)If within the identified necessary to achieve the purpose of use range, to partner companies and outsourcing companies, etc. have entered into the Company and confidentiality agreement, delegate all or part of the handling of personal information.
(3)If you are based on the laws and regulations
(4)Human life, even when it is necessary for the protection of health or property, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
(5)A case that is particularly necessary for the promotion of improvement or healthy growth of children and public health, if it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
(6)In a case where the person who received the agency or local government or the commission of the country there is a need to cooperate for that to perform the office prescribed by the laws and regulations, and hinder the the office accomplished by obtaining the consent of the person If you fear there is.
4.And compliance with laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information
  When the handling of personal information, will comply with guidelines and other norms laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, the country set. 
5.Safety management of personal information
   And thorough education to all employees, manages the personal information accurate and up-to-date state, leakage, loss or damage in order to prevent the (unauthorized access, loss, destruction, including tampering, etc.), the necessary safety management measures as well as take, to perform corrective promptly if a problem occurs, and strive always to maintain the best condition. 
6.About the handling of personal information subject to disclosure
 For request for disclosure and the like from the person, the Company refers to the personal information that can support. In addition, inquiries destination regarding personal information, contacts, and authorized personal information protection organization we belong to are described in the end. Purpose of use of personal information subject to disclosure
 ①The personal information about applicants for employmentRecruitment and business management of in-house
 ②Personal information for our employees(Personnel and labor management of in-house
Billing procedures for disclosure
From the person or his agent relates to personal information held by the Company, claims notification of intended use, disclosure claim, request for correction, additional claims, the deletion request, suspension of use claim, erase and third party offer proceedings of a case where I am allowed to correspond to the stop of the claim or the like (collectively referred to as "requests for disclosure, etc.") are as follows. 
1. Offer destination of the claims of the disclosure, etc.
Your request for disclosure, on top of the required documents attached to a given bill, I hope in bringing or mailing to the following contact details.
2. The filings in requests for disclosure, etc.
Your claims of disclosure, etc., "disclosure of personal information bill" or "correction and deletion, or stop using invoice" and-out your claim, you must fill out a predetermined items, can be confirmed identity of the following either one point documents Please attach.
Insurance card, alien registration certificate of copy and health insurance of the driver's license, resident card * copy, please fill the permanent address. In addition, shredder will destroy or return after identification.
3. Claim for disclosure by proxy
If you want to delegate to the agent about your request for disclosure, etc., in addition to the "disclosure of personal information bill" or "correction and deletion or use stop bill," and the above identity can be confirmed article attach the following documents Please.
Documents (copy) driver's license, resident card of copy-health any one point of the insurance card, alien registration certificate of insurance in order to ensure that it is representative your identity. Copy, please fill the permanent address. In addition, shredder will destroy or return after identification.
Power of attorney:That person is signed in autograph and seal
4. Disclosure, fee about the notification of your claim of purpose
If you want to request a notification of disclosure and use of personal information, you will be collected 1,000 yen for each claim of once the commission of (tax) at the time of acceptance by the postage stamp or postal money order. We do not receive a fee in the case of other billing. 
7. Complaints about the handling of personal information, About Us Contact Us consultation, etc., so that we can respond appropriately and quickly, we kindly ask you to contact the following point of contact (complaints and consultation reception desk).
8. In order to maintain the proper protection of continuous improvement personal information handling of Conduct (Personal Information Protection Management System), in order to continue to operate a personal information protection management system, audit reports and operational status of the report, complaints and consultation opinion from the external, the revision of the guidelines and other norms laws and country regarding the handling of personal information is defined, changes in social conditions and public awareness, of various environments, such as advances in technological change, the Company's business areas and management situation change, due to improvement proposals from both inside and outside the company, review was added, to suit the personal information protection management system to the demands of the times we will continuously improve.
 We documented this policy, it is subject to the protection of personal information management system, all employees, including officers, and well known to the contractors. In addition, for the general public home page, About Us, I will inform you in such posting.
Established January 20, 2006
Revised April 1, 2013
Chuou Building Service Co., Ltd. President Naotomo Okuda
Contact / queries / complaints and consultation reception desk / Privacy administrator: management section Hiroshi Munakata
Authorized personal information protection organization to which they belong(Contact complaint resolution
JIPDEC Privacy complaints consultation room                         

International standard for quality, get the ISO9001 (2000)

International standard for quality, get the ISO9001 (2000)
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