Business Outline

Let protect your building and workplace to come our.
Clean. You long lasting. Please leave it in peace.
I will look forward to consultation from the bottom of my heart.


Including the cleaning of the everyday, the know-how of a variety of cleaning services, is fused to the confidence and trust by many years of experience, will help us to improve your efficiency.
Daily life's cleaning
Floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, collection of trash and peripheral cleaning and others
Fixed period cleaning
Floor washing, wax application and laundry windowpane cleaning of a carpet and others
Cleaning of blind walls, lighting fixturesExchange of tubeCleaning of moving etc
Cleaning the house
Cleaning of the kitchen range hood, toilet, bathroom etc
Cleaning of hospital
Hospital room, operating room, lobby, etc.
Cleaning, cooking, washing, etc.

Security Services

Security Services
Speedy in making the most advanced decision knowledge and technology, will charm your safety and property.
Access control・Security patrol・Night security
Parking management
Management of GI-GR
Collection of fee
Maintenance and inspection of parking facilities

equipment management

equipment management
Won the high-quality maintenance technology that assumes the progress and contingencies of the work was organized, we will support the maintenance of business that can be peace of mind to our customers.
Telecommunications equipment
Substation electrical equipment lighting facilities management and inspection other such as an automatic fire alarm system
Air conditioning equipment
Management and inspection other such duct equipment ventilation facilities Air-Conditioning Equipment
Water supply and drainage sanitation
Plumbing, hot water supply equipment, management and inspection other such water receiving tank, septic tank equipment
Firefighting equipment
Maintenance other such fire-fighting equipment and alarm, sprinkler
Repair of equipment
Air-conditioning equipment, lighting equipment other

reception guidance

reception guidance
Image such as corporate and cultural facilities "accept guidance" is a big element.
Bright smile, accurate and speedy support, the kit of your visit customers, gives a high customer satisfaction
Reception other to the guide visitors such as facilities and events by contact and telephone
Ticket Sales
Reservation and sale of tickets 

Hygiene management

Hygiene management
Control and extermination by drugs such as murine cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes

Temporary staffing

Temporary staffing
Reception, cleaning, equipment management and office other
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